July 16, 2021 Nadine

A family effort to to take THAT SCREEN back to Albion

A little bit of fun we had recently was moving the screen that Chairman and our old man, DJV has been spending his hard earned retirement time on. She has been transported into Plymouth Albion HQ in Devonport, Plymouth, where she will live out her days.

She is in pride of place on the north terrace, opposite side to where the old score board was, and the hope is that not only will she be the score board for the season, but also showing sports and films, adding another string to the ever-growing Plymouth Albion bow.

DJV  has been working on this for months at Brunel Recycling HQ ever since Albion bought the beauty from Ireland back in January this year.

Using his mechanical mind, he used one of Brunel’s unused lorry trailers (which we donated to Albion) and cut out the exact dimensions and consequently fitted every square of the (approx.) 7 meters by 3.5 meters screen to the ‘T’ and I must say (after a little bit of paint) it looks fantastic!

With the help Newman Haulage, we moved her at the beginning of July, a full family effort with Brian Venables, Max Venables, Nadine Venables and I, all mucking in to get her over the bridge on Brunel’s brand new Mercedes low loader.

Remember we now also provide a transport service and can move pretty much anything you require, from Smart Cars to Plant.

BDV (MD) does love a transport trip up to the Euro Auctions in Leeds in his lorry, we even bought him a kettle for his cab!!

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