June 1, 2019 faye

A night at the Prom!

It’s not every day that we get to go to the prom! 

Thank you Joe for this lovely message. It really was our pleasure!

“I have got to say a huge thank you to Brian, Steve, Victoria & the whole team at Brunel Recycling for helping with the transport to Kircha’s Year 6 Prom last night.

I was honoured to be able to use Brunel and its a testament to the management of Brunel as well as all of their staff – the truck was the cleanest truck that I have ever seen and Steve the driver was immaculately presented.

I asked Brunel to help with this task as I am very aware of their professionalism and attention to detail and as someone who is in the waste business myself for me when it comes to recycling, the supply of aggregates and demolition there is only one name you need to remember in Devon and Cornwall and that is Brunel Recycling.”

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